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good morning. i'm marla tellez. jon kelley is off today. we are following breaking news out of southern california right now. police and fire are on the scene of a shooting at l.a.x. we've learned that the shooting has turned)zñ deadly. nbc bay area's laura garcia cannon has been following the situation very closely. she joins with us the latest information. laura. >> and the very latest information, marla, includes nbc news reporting that a tsa agent was killed at los angeles international airport this morning. it all started about 9:20 this morning with reports of a man with a rifle inside terminal three at los angeles international airport. chaos ensued as multiple shots were heard.
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eight to ten shots reported by eyewitnesss in two separate moments. these are live pictures from the scene this morning. now, we understand originally at least two people were hit. we expect a special report from nbc news any moment now. officials at los angeles international airport report ag suspect in custody and there are multiple victims following a shooting. it occurred this morning, 9:30 pacific time at or near a tsa security checkpoint in terminal 3 of the l.a. airport. that will be the checkpoint for virgin america airlines. the gunman reportedly carrying a rifle. the motive unclear. we're told the situation is over right now. this is a picture -- these are pictures of the scene earlier. you see a tsa officer and another person who were taken into ambulances. we're getting late word now about casualties.
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i want to go to nbc's pete williams in our washington newsroom. pete? >> we're told now one tsa official was killed during this incident, a second one was injured, we believe shot in the leg, taken to the hospital, and there are reports that there was a third person who was wounded but it's not clear to us whether that third person was someone who was, in fact, the gunman or whether it's another person at the airport, another passenger. in any event, several authorities tell us the gunman is in custody. we don't know anything further about who it is. they believe that person is the sole person involved in the shooting, but they're wondering if others were involved as well, so airport operations has been vastly reduced, lester. >> the president has been briefed on what's happening at the airport. the los angeles police department still the lead
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agency, but washington watching very carefully because it does involve an international airport where there has been threats in the past. there has been ground transportation in effect. car transportation has been stopped. that's a scene of vehicles stopped outside the airport. we've even seen pictures of people leaving vehicles and making the walk to the airport to get to terminals where they will likely find their flights won't be leaving any time soon as this investigation continues. again, it happened at or near a tsa security checkpoint, pete williams reporting one tsa officer dead, another has been injured and perhaps some other injuries, but the suspect is in custody. we'll continue to follow developments in this story. once again special report from nbc news this morning. a shooting at l.a.x. this morning where a tsa agent has been shot and killed. now, we understand the shooting
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actually took place where agents take the document. s you show your id and boarding pass. the airport termim÷ was evacuated with some travellers trying to find any route out of the airport. some even seen spilling into the tarmac just go get away. ambulances were quickly on the scene where we saw two to three people treated for injuries. we don't know the extent of some of the other injuries. the gunman also believed to have been hit by gunfire, and we do ñcondition. early reports show he was acting alone. you know, l.a.x. is actually the third busiest airport in the morning, you can imagine the crowds. departing flights were routed. roads leading to and from the airport closed. flights were immediately being held on the ground causing numerous flight delays. that, in turn, is affecting bay area airports. with virgin american airlines saying they might have to recruit flights into san jose international airport. again, a gunman is in custody this morning after opening fire at los angeles international
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airport. a tsa agent has been killed. a los angeles police department is[na still on the scene leadin the response in this, and, of course, as information continues to come into us this morning, we will bring it to you. back to you in the studio, marla. >> absolutely. all right, laura. thank you so much. back here in the bay area we are following several different incidents on the roadways this morning, including a car fire inside the called called cot tunnel. >> bad morning for highway 24. we have our chopper over caldecot tunnel, and they have someone loaded into an plans. we hadn't heard any injuries directly related to the fire, but this could be as a result of smoke. there's quite a bit of smoke. there was ae car fire inside the tunnel, and as chopper wideens out, you'll see the tremendous backup. they have closed the eastbound-born. let's look at the maps and we'll talk about what happened. chp spokesperson daniel hill told us that around 9:50 this
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morning there was a car fire inside that eastern bore. they had to close that down because there was so much smoke and so many cars they could not get to the car fire. folks evacuated the tunnel, and they had to evacuate on to the roadways as well. look at all this. smoke going on. the video that we just got into the newsroom. all these people are on the eastbound 24 for safety's sake and stopped all the traffic there. it's at a standstill, and they had to wait for the smoke to dissipate. they had to clear that burnt vehicle that was fully engulfed ask they have to address the cleanup there as well. back to with 82 when we had a car fire as well. locals for the area just shocked through the system. as we remembered that. good to know that there were no major injuries, but we did see that person being loaded to the ambulance at the scene. now, your alternate is 24 eastbound. then take highway 13 down to 580. look at the big reroute you'll have to take because the caldecot is currently closed for the eastbound trfk. 680 and back up into walnut creek, that's a lot of mileage,
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folks. a lot of city streets totally flooded as well, but, again, we're following this, and we'll send updates from the news desk ó"(rt)áq that hasn't been put k out in the eastbound bore of the caldecot continual. >> i know you are very active on twitter, and people can follow you there to get the latest. today. thank you so much. now to another developing story in the east bay. a woman is fighting for her life this morning after an overnight shooting near a popular apartment complex in hayward. right now police say they have very little information to go on because the woman, who has been in surgery all this time since this happenedáj last night, is believed to be the only witness. ju us live in hayward now with the very latest developments. bob, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, marla. that is the problem for hayward pris. they don't have any actual witnesses yet. you saw the shooting that happened behind these gates here inside that parking lot, the lord tennison apartments near tennison andf, hay. there are plenty of people who
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heard the gunshots, and this morning there are plenty of residents ready to move, fed up with all the violence at thw complex. >> somebody getting shot, something happening here. i hate this place. >> it's crazy over here. i'm just, like, shocked now thøt this has happened again because every time we leave or come back, sojaut+hrj dead. >> reporter: now, the woman who was shot last night is not dead. she is still alive, but now according -- she's in critical but stable condition in a medically induced coma after surgery overni'ulk reply say it happened around 11:00. several people called 911 who reportedly heard this woman say don't shoot me, don't shoot me, ( tell us that te people heard several gunshots. when officers arrived, they found this woman lying in the parking lot semi-conscious suffering from gunshot wounds to her upper body. she was all by herself. no one was there trying to help her. she's the fourth person to be shot at this complex over the last several months. it's no wonder 134 people here want to leave wrfsh.
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>> honestly, i'm looking right nowede to get out of here. yes, i am. it's not -- i mean, it's fine with the kids playing outside, but when nighttime comes, i don't even want to come in and out of this place. >> they need to do something about this place. we're supposed to be able to live in a place where we're safe. i don't feel safe here. i hate that i even came here, but i have to have somewhere to stay. >> reporter: that lady is like other neighbors who we spoke with who want to move, but don't wr to do so. they feel trapped. still no id yet for7ooy. this w. police say she appears to be anywhere from 16 to 30 years of age. right now as you mentioned, marla, she is the only witness that police have. now, you might recall thatzñ we were out here two and a half months ago when hayward police shot and killed a man at this complex who had been threatening his wife and then came at police with a knife. reporting live here in hayward, bob riddell, nbc bay area news. >> you can hear the fear in the
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residents' voices there. in the south bay a road worker is dead this morning following a gruesome overnight crash. the chp says the suspected drunk driver slammed into him while working along highway 680 near scott creek road. he has the latest this morning. >> reporter: this quickly turned from a simple accident investigation into a criminal investigation, and now there is a meticulous search for evidence at the scene. >> reporter: family members arrived on the scene hours after a hearing their son was killed while working on the highway. we spoke with the victim's father. >> we'll get some counseling and justv try to stick all together. try not to do some negative things. they don't pay off. god will help us through this. >> reporter: chp says crews were
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making emergency repairs on highway 608 when a silver nissan slammed into them. investigators now believe the driver of the nissan may have been drinking. >> once we were able to determine that alcohol was a factor in the collision, it's criminal in nature, and there are certain procedures that we need to do to be able to preserve evidence, and it is the district attorney's office, prosecution -- >> a second worker sustained minor injuries. the driver of, the nissan had t be extricated and is in serious condition with major injuries at a local hospital. chp says the safety cones and construction signs are up for a reason. to help protect the workers. >> cal tran workers and construction workers working on the side of the freeway, they're putting their lives on the line on a daily basis, so we need motorists to slow ññdown, be smart, don't drink and drive, and try bjws take care of those that take care of us by maintaining our roadways. >> reporter: investigators remained at the scene for more
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than six hours piecing together what led to the fatal tragedy. once the driver was able to leave the hospital, then he will be transferred over to jail and booked. i'm damian trejjedo. zifshgs stilly./ to come, a southern california town says a factory is too hot to handle, but does a judge agree? ñ announcement and what that t means for the future of the hot sauce. meebl, it's the warmest day of the week. widespread 60s out there for now, but we do have major changes headed our way for daylight-saving weekend. don't forget to set that xlok clock back one hour on sunday night at 2:00 a.m. your full forecast, including a wind event coming up.
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welcome back. a health scare at stanford university has cleaning crews sanitizi doors today after
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more than 50 students have fallen ill. it's happening at the florence moorer hall that sits not far from -- this week 52 students came down with noro-virus type symptoms, including vomiting, stomach pain, and headaches. although health experts say this is the time of year when noro virus outbreaks happen. it could be several days before they/ékñ pinpoint a source. now on to that video you just saw there.x, a family from brz ill is in san francisco this morning frantically searching for axgj missing loved one. ann are a rod reeg sxez her mother flew in after paolo nedo called family monday night satisfying he was in trouble and someone was trying to hurt him. his phone's location was on shotwell in the mission district. no one has heard from him since those calls. >> he is a nice boy.z@;khe was ñ troublemaker boy. he is really intelligent. he speaks four languages.
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>> rodriguez says it's very unusual for n:nedo not to be in touch. he was supposed to take a bus back to los angeles sunday, but northeast boarded. his familying filed avi5 missin persons report with san francisco police. they're now retracing steps showing his picture to people hoping for clues that will lead them to nedo. the fbi says it is now scaling back
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marches, and emotional vigils'ac demanding justice for the teenager. the deputy shot lopez seven times in santa rosa last tuesday. he says he thought the replica ak-47 lopez was carrying was real. happening right now, bart workers are voting to confirm the tentative agreement they made to end last week's strike. the workers agree with the contract changes last tuesday after a four-day strike. the details=/% of this contract were not released, but some of them were actually leaked. workers will have to pay a little more for health insurance and contribute toward pensions. the two sides also agreed to a series of safety improvements. the results of the vote will be released tonight. a follow-up to a story we have been reporting all weeklong. the southern california factory that makes a popular sriracha sauce won't have to rule production. a judge ruled he didn't have enough time to review the case and refused to order a halt. the city@ of irwindale which is
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close to los angeles sued the company saying the hot sauce maker stinks up the city and the peppery smell even burns their eyes and throat. people who live there. the judge scheduled a hearing for later this month. you made it to the weekend. let's take a look at the forecast. meteorologist christina loren, what a gorgeous shot from san francisco. >> isn't this nice? happy friday to you. taking a live look. here you can see for ten miles or better. you can see allsgçç 48 floors oe trans-america pyramid. not a cloud skoo n the sky. the winds pick up. overall, though, we're looking towards a nice, sunny finish, and the warmest day in the extended future. 76 in santa trees kra. 4 in san francisco. dwoe have some significant changes i want to tell you about. as we get into this upcoming weekend, we have a cold front coming through, and we're picking it up right here on our futurecadq$ -e)(t&háhp &hc& futurecast. we sfop the clockt ñ at 6:00 p.. it's behind this front that we're really expecting those ones to pick up. as we head throughout the next
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couple of days, this is what we're expecting. we stopped the clock for you. when it comes to your peak wind eey gusty in the santa rosa ind area. by 6:00 p.m. on saturday. then these winds will really peck up as we wake up on sunday morning between about 9:00 and noon, though. expecting the winds to die down, but we are talking about the potential for about 45 to 50-mile-per-hour gusts. another wind event headed our way. not expecting any showers here, about the we could see another round of light dusting of notice over tahoe. looking good there. now, sunday into monday, temperatures will drop off. we'll number the upper 50s. we'll be back here on monday, but the great news is, marla, when we meet back here on monday, we get an extra hour of sleep. i'm certainly looking forward to it. how about you? >> really? is that a rhetorical question? is that a trick question? a little more rest always hpz. have a great weekend. kanye west and kim kardashian are suing a co-founder of youtube after he released video clips of their proposal at at&t park.
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card ash yon and west saw chad hurley filmed a video of the invite only event and posted it to mixbet. that's a collaborative video app.y(oñ tmz says hurley was not eninvited and manipulated his way into the ballpark. this they claim he let him stay after he signed a nondisclosure form and took a picture hold it. the proposal belonged to a production company linked the e network which produces "keeping up with the kardashians." e and nbc are both owned by comcast.tdñ s. still to come, the 49ers getting a key piece of their defense back this week. plus, the san jose sharks player best known for his cave man look prepares to shave it all off in the name of charity. [uncle]this is hopscotch,okay?
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uncle go one,two,one,two,one two,one. [niece]okay! [uncle]okay? [niece]one,two three,four,five,six,seven,eight! [uncle laughing] okay,we go the other way,okay? [niece]one,two,three,four,five, six,seven! [uncle laughs]there's ten spaces,you want to try again? [uncle]yeah?
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the raiders play host to the philadelphia eagles unday. a win would get them to the 500 mark for the season. kickoff at 1:05. meanwhile, it's a bye week for the 49ers, but when they return aldon smith could be on the field with the team. the team reactivated smith yesterday, meaning he is eligible to play. smith was deactivated last month after he was arrested for dui and then checked into a rehab on november 12th. he will face charges for that arrest and then also a weapons charge arrest stemming from a previous incident. well, surf is up at half-moon bay. the famous mavericks big wave surf contest starts today. any time from now through march 31st organizers can call for the start of the competition. when word goes out, 24 of the sport's expert surfers have 24 hours to get to half-moon bay. known as one of the most dangerous surf spots in the world, the giant swells at
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mavericks are simply legendary. zimpl the sharks player known around the league for his cave man look, he is getting ready to shave all his hair off. all in the name of charity. today at noon brett burns will allow one of his teammates to buzz off that hair and shave his beard. the sharks foundation has raised more than $23,000slsñ in this fashion. defending the blue line, which provides hockey equipment and camp tuition to the"s of military members, and also the indicate where i moore> foundation that helps families and individuals who are fighting rare diseases. well, still to come, we'll have an update on that deadly shooting at l.a.x.
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welcome bark. we want to update ow the brbsz we've been following since about 9:30 this morning after souf california. if are you just joining us and just learning this information, there has been a shooting at los angeles international airport. this is video taken from earlier. you can see/6ñ#n, plenty of e mainly outside of terminal
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three. virgin america terminal. this is where the shooting happened. about 9:30 this morning. we can tell you that one tsa agent has been killed in this shooting, and at least three people have been çñuáty we're hearing another tsa employee was also hit, wuned in the leg, but, again, one tsa agent has been reported to be killed out of this shooting at l.a.x. now, this happened just before the security+ checkpoint inside terminal three. flights are grounded. of course, this is affecting flights here in the bay area. at san jose international. san francisco international and oakland international. we have crews spread out around the bay area. you can always go on-line, nbc bay for the very latest information. i also want to mention that the gunman is in custody. we are hearing the gunman is in custody, so this situation at l.a.x. is -- the incident is over as far as there's not an active shooter scene. join us tonight at 5:00 for the very latest.
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